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Worple Primary School

Worple Primary School
Monday 11th May 2020 - Worple Primary School - Queens Terrace, Isleworth TW7 7DB
Monday 11th May 2020


Monday 11th May 2020


Dear Parent,

I hope that you have all had a lovely long weekend and have been able to celebrate VE day in some way. It is such a shame that events had to be contained within our own homes but I know that lots of you are very creative and I am sure were able to do something to mark the occasion.

You will have heard by now the news from the Prime Minister yesterday ‘suggesting’ that schools may be able to return in a phased way after the May half term. The proposed suggestion is that children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will be phased back into school over the final half term of the school year. There is no further indication with what will be happening in other year groups at the present time.

Currently, the government are still considering all of the safety aspects related to school reopening’s and we are also carrying out our own risk assessments. Please be rest assured that whist we are all keen to see the children back at school, this will not be at the compromise of the health and well -being of all of the community. Your child’s and family’s safety will always be the predominant factor on any decisions that the school makes over the coming weeks.

I know that this may be a deeply anxious time for all of you, but please be assured that any school reopening’s will be carried out with the greatest care and sensitivity. You will be kept fully informed of the schools arrangements if we are able to partially reopen.

Please do check this Friday’s newsletter with a further update regarding home learning and re -openings.

Best wishes, stay safe.


Marais Leenders

Executive Headteacher


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