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Worple Primary School

Worple Primary School
Welcome Back! - Worple Primary School - Queens Terrace, Isleworth TW7 7DB
Welcome Back!


Hello everyone, 

Welcome to a brand new school year at Worple Primary School. 

Now that teachers are heading back to their classrooms…
now that their students are returning
It's time to think about all the teaching that will occur this year
It's time to ponder all the learning….

It's time for each student to try their hardest to learn
As they become a classroom member…
And it's time for teachers, and all of us who were students, 
to look back…and to remember….

To remember how lucky are we that in our lives
we often find it prudent….
to sometimes be the teacher…
while other times…the student.

That around every corner
over every hill 
and around every turn…
we discover opportunities to teach…
as well as opportunities to learn.

And if we're lucky… truly lucky
as this magical orb keeps turning
we understand when we should be teaching…
and when we should be learning. 

by Jim Yerman


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