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Worple Primary School

Worple Primary School
Curriculum overview - Worple Primary School - Queens Terrace, Isleworth TW7 7DB

Worple's curriculum


At Worple, we believe that everyone should have a say in what we learn, and that is why our new curriculum has been developed together with input from staff, children, parents and governors.

It is a unique curriculum, just for Worple learners and is centred on getting the best outcomes for our children in a fun, dynamic and challenging way, giving them as many new experiences as possible.

How does the curriculum work?

The curriculum is built around 3 themes in each year group. A theme will run for a whole term and within that term, children will be exposed to many different subjects, learning opportunities and enrichment activities. Please go to our 'Theme Overviews' to find out what your child will be learning about this year. Each theme also runs alongside two core texts that will engage all of our children in the joy of reading. These core texts will often act as the stimulus for the children's writing, as will the work children do in geography, history, science and the arts. This contextualised learning, allows children to make links between the wider world and the learning within the classroom.

Engaging and Exciting

We value the importance of children being enthused enough so that they want to be good learners. Therefore, at Worple we put great emphasis on child initiated learning, with children often shaping and guiding the learning journey. This will often be done at our 'Super Starts', where teachers will introduce a new theme with an engaging hook. Children will have lots of questions and thoughts, and it is these questions and thoughts that often become lessons or discussion points, subsequently. We encourage parents to come and join in with our 'Super Starts', as well as our 'Fabulous Finishes'. All dates are on the school calendar and will be on newsletters each week.

The kind of children we want to develop

At Worple, we want to give every child the best possible opportunity to be the best learner that they can be, and this is why so many subjects have been linked together within each theme. Our lessons will make strong links to our core values (challenge, curiosity, integrity, resilience and motivation) and this will help to develop children's positive learning behaviours. We certainly want to foster all of these values at Worple, as they will be essential for children whilst working their way through our challenging curriculum and for preparing them for life beyond school.

Parental support

We would love parents to help us support children with the new curriculum. This can be done in a variety of ways including: supporting your child with theme based homework, getting involved in the family based projects that will be set during the year, volunteering to come and talk to the children if you have expertise in a field that the children are studying and volunteering to help with school trips and enrichment activities. All support is very valuable to the school and greatly appreciated by staff and children.