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Worple Primary School


LVA - Loved. Valued. Able

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We deliver high quality, inclusive relationship and sex education via fun and interactive classroom workshops, assemblies and small groups. All our workshops are focused on building self-esteem. They equip young people to make confident and informed relationship choices, based on understanding their own emotional, mental and physical needs. LVA also provide one-to-one mentoring for young people who need extra support in these areas. LVA is a charity which teaches R.S.E (relationship and sex education) in schools and other youth settings. Our core belief is that we are all loved, valued and able (LVA). Our ambition is to encourage positive self-esteem and healthy relationships.

At present we teach in Richmond, Hounslow, Hammersmith & Fulham Borough schools in year groups 5-13.

Our sessions are designed to ensure young people receive consistent and age appropriate information.

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We work in partnership with teachers, school pastoral teams and other external providers to ensure national guidelines are met. We also equip parents to guide their children through adolescence.

We exist to help young people feel more in control of their actions. To be engaged with their emotions, more invested in their community, more aware of their value, more confident of their values, more inspired by their potential, more empowered by their hopes, more informed in their choices and more committed in their relationships.

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Support for parents

As parent you are your child’s biggest influencer and educator. In 2016, a survey featured in Times Magazine revealed - overwhelmingly - that teenagers wanted to hear from their parents rather than their peers or teachers. As youth workers with 20+ years’ experience, that damages our pride slightly, but I want to reiterate: YOU are the most important voice in your young person’s life. So part of our vision and mission is to empower parents through providing resources  https://www.lvatrust.org/parent-pack-1, running community events https://www.lvatrust.org/events and writing blogs aimed at tackling hard hitting issues relevant to our young peoples’ culture https://www.lvatrust.org/blog.