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Worple Primary School

School Uniform

Worple School Uniform

School Uniform List

There is a school uniform at Worple Primary School that consists of the following:

  • Purple sweatshirt or cardigan with embroidered school logo* (required)
  • Plain white Polo shirt (Long or short sleeved)
  • Black shorts or trousers
  • Black pinafore or skirt
  • Purple and white checked summer dress
  • Plain grey or white socks (not over the knee) or plain black tights
  • Dark ankle socks with trousers
  • Plain black shoes (no trainers or boots)

Items marked with a * can be purchased from School Days & Dancing shop in Whitton High Street, or online on their website.  All other items can be purchased from any school uniform shop and most supermarkets. Please note, skirts should be an appropriate length and of a style which allows sitting comfortably on the floor. When shorts are worn, they should also be of an appropriate length.

Hair and Headwear

Hair that is longer than shoulder length should be tied back with a simple hair tie.  Headbands must be simple, purple, black or white, with no large adornments.

Religious head coverings should be purple, black or white only and be free of any adornments, jewellery or fringing.


Jewellery is not allowed to be worn with the exception of small plain stud earrings or spacers. We do not permit the wearing of religious jewellery unless prior permission has been granted by the Headteacher. Smart watches are not allowed.

 PE. Uniform List

The P.E School uniform consists of the following:

  • Purple School badged P.E. Polo Shirt * (required)
  • Black shadow stripe shorts (NOT cycling shorts)
  • Purple sports socks
  • Plain black trainers or plimsolls
  • Plain black jogging bottoms
  • Black long sleeve sports underlayer (optional)

All Worple Uniform & PE kit can be purchased from:

School Days & Just Dancing,

94 High Street,



TW2 7LN.